9 Different Types Of Curtain Hooks To Hang Curtains


Explore the 9 different types of curtain hooks to give a perfect stylish look to your window curtains in 2024. These are one of the most crucial hardware accessories is hooks. Curtain hooks play a significant role in both styling and functional purposes. In the market, you can find hooks in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to match your curtain’s visual appeal and your unique taste and preferences.

To match the hooks with your modern, classic, and traditional style curtains, plenty of designs are available. Additionally, these hooks are weight-bearing according to the curtain’s thickness, weight, and size. If you are looking for a detailed guide to know about the different types of curtain hanging hooks, you are at the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn about distinct hooks types.

Discover Stylish Types Of Curtain Hooks For Every Window Treatment

Hooks are the most useful accessory to be used for hanging curtains on the rods. For your convenience in shopping, we let you familiarize yourself with various decorative, innovative, and durable hook styles.

Different Types Of Hooks To Hang Curtains

Types Of curtains Hooks

To get your curtain’s height correct and absolutely fine styling, pin hooks are the most popular choice to settle for. These hooks have sharp pointed ends that are ideal for hanging lightweight draperies. This pin hook is made of metal with one end always pointed vertically and the other end bent.

For hanging curtains of pleated styles, you will need to pass one end of the pin through the backside of the curtain’s top part and attach the other end to the ring to suspend your draperies. For these pin hooks, you have the flexibility to choose from three other styles.

1. Round Pin Hooks

Types Of Curtain Hooks

Round-pin curtain hooks have the most unique and sophisticated style. These hooks have a round ring-style top. The transverse or any other rod can easily pass through these ring hooks.

2. Pointed Top Pin Hooks

Type Of curtain Hooks

These hooks have an inverted V-shaped top for the pointed end that ideally settles into the tab hole. These pointed top pin hooks with sliding rings are widely used to hang pinch pleat draperies.

3. Curtain Ring Hooks

Types Of Curtains Hook

You can go for another ring hook style that comes with unique design details to hang stylish curtains. With one pointed end and another equipped end, these hooks have a D-shaped circular ring for attachment purposes.

These one-piece hooks are made of robust metal materials to provide ideal support to heavy-weight curtains on the rod. These hooks can bear the weight of blackout, velvet, and other thick draperies.

4. Long-Neck Pin Hooks

types of curtain hooks

Hooks with a neck-like structure are the ideal choice to hang heavy-weight curtains. The panels with deep headers can be perfectly styled on windows using these long-neck pin hooks.

5. Clip Hooks For Curtains

types of curtain hooks

Among the types of curtain hooks, clip hooks are the best yet affordable choice. These hooks are also called snap hooks which are preferably used for clipping your drapes. These stylish hooks are useful with curtain rods as they have free ends to attach to rings of drapes. These hooks are made using cast aluminum and stainless steel.

The free end of these hooks needs to be clipped to curtains and the other end to curtain tracks. To ensure that your curtains are hung evenly, maintain an equal distance for each hook attachment. You can get these hooks in different sizes and colors for a perfect window fit.

6. S-Shaped Hooks

Types Of Curtain Hooks

Another pick in the list of hooks is the S-shaped hooks that are best for easy-to-remove curtains. These lightweight hooks are made from stainless steel materials. With no fixed attachments and a simple alphabet-S design, these hooks are simply beautiful.

You can hang pleated-style curtains on these hooks. These hooks are a timeless, affordable, and space-saving choice for hanging curtains. You can take off curtains hanging on these hooks easily.

7. Track Hooks

Types Of Curtain Hooks

To hang your heavy-weight curtains on windows, track hooks are the best choice to settle for. These hooks need to be attached to one end of the curtains and the other end goes to the track roller.

These hooks offer smooth sliding across the channel track. You can slide your curtains most efficiently by having these hooks installed on the curtain pole. With the simplicity of design, these hooks are an affordable choice to go for.

8. Screw-In Hooks

Types Of Curtain Hooks

These hooks come with one end bent and the other one is in screw shape. For the installation of these hooks, you will need to drill pilot holes in the walls. To hang your drapes from the ceiling, you can use these stylish hooks.

Passing the curtain rods through the holes of your hooks, you can hang your drapes easily. For windows with more than the usual width and hanging heavier drapes, these hooks are the ideal choice. You can install these hooks at a specific distance from each other.

9. Adhesive Or Magnetic Hooks

Types Of Curtain Hooks

Adhesive hooks also known as command hooks are an excellent choice for sleek and stylish window treatments. These types of curtain hooks can be timelessly installed on the walls by removing the non-adhesive backing layer. After peeling off the backing, press these hooks firmly against the walls.

On the other hand, magnetic hooks are preferable only on metal or aluminum window frames. These magnetic clamps are encased in a metal shell. These hooks don’t require any rod brackets, screw bolts, and brackets for installation. They come with different weight-bearing capacities and sizes to hang drapes. These rust-resistant hooks don’t need early replacements.

It’s A Wrap!

Hooks and rings are the most essential hardware elements that hold the curtains perfectly on the rod. In the market, there’s an extensive variety of hooks available, offering a strong grip to hold curtains in place. These hooks are equally practical and decorative choices for hanging curtains on the rods.

Among the most popular types of hooks, you have flexible choices to pick S-shaped, track, screw-in, adhesive, eyelet, magnetic, and decorative hooks. Additionally, you can go for hookless shower curtains. From the pin-style types of curtain hooks, you can choose a pointed-top pin, round-pin, and long-neck pin hooks.

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