How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes? 2024 Easy Guide


How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes? You may find it impossible to hang blinds without brackets into your walls. But there are some innovative ways to install them without making any holes. This guide will teach you the best ways to fix your blinds without damaging your walls.

Blinds are one of the most essential elements of home and office interiors. You cannot ignore their importance and practical features. Some people don’t want to make holes in the walls or are not allowed to because of rental property. For such individuals, we have come up with the four best ways to install blinds without drilling.

You can do it by yourself by gathering some required materials and learning the right way to do this. So, get ready to install your window shades without damaging your walls with this comprehensive guide.

4 Best Ways To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes

Materials You Will Need to install window blinds without drilling holes.

Before you start, you need to gather the following materials to install blinds seamlessly:

  1. Brackets
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Level
  4. Screwdriver
  5. A cloth for cleaning

1. Magnetic Blinds

Install window blinds without drilling holes

You might be familiar with no-drill blinds options. Magnetic blinds are one of the best solutions to the question: How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling? There are two magnetic brackets that get attached to your metal-oriented window or door. Different manufacturers use impactful magnetics that can easily bear the weight of blinds without sagging. So, let’s learn how you can install magnetic blinds without drilling:

  • Clean the Surface: You need to make sure that the surface of your windows or door is clean so that your magnetic blinds can work perfectly. Do not use a wet cloth or detergent; just wipe off the dirt.
  • Mark Carefully: Without the right measurement, you can make your blinds look imperfect. Right alignment is essential to achieve the desired look and functionality. Mark the exact spots where you are going to attach bracelets.
  • Attach Brackets: Attach the brackets of magnetic blinds to your marked position. Make sure you are placing them in the right alignment. They can also be moved later, which is quite helpful for beginners.
  • Fix Blinds: You must fix your magnetic blinds to these brackets. Once they are attached, you can easily control the light and privacy in your room by lowering or raising these no-drill window blinds.

2. Blinds with Self-Adhesive Hooks:

Install window blinds without drilling holes

Some blinds come with self-adhesive hooks, which help people to install new shades without drilling. It is very helpful for people living in rental property. They look elegant and stylish, an additional benefit of these no-drill blinds. Let’s get started learning the step-by-step process to install self-adhesive blinds.

  • Measure the Frame: Mark the spots on the window frame where you plan to install the adhesive hooks. It will make you sure that this is the right place not to install yourself-achieves blinds.
  • Apply Adhesive Hooks: Fixing adhesive hooks for blinds is easy; even a beginner can do it. You just have to put gentle pressure after placing it on market positions. Make sure they are stuck firmly before attaching brackets to them.
  • Install Brackets: Once you have ensured that the self-adhesive looks are attached, you can install the brackets. Buy brackets of the finest quality to enjoy your no-drill blinds for a long time.
  • Mount the Blinds: Finally, you need to slide the blinds into clips attached to the brackets you have placed. Do not rush and slide your blinds carefully, and enjoy the modern window decor with self-adhesive blinds.

3. Command Strips:

Install window blinds without drilling holes

Using the command strips is one of the best ways to install blinds without drilling holes. There are different sizes of these strips available in the market. Mainly there are two sizes. Pick the large two command strips for your no-drill blinds project.

It will be sufficient for most blinds because its length will be somewhere from 30 inches to 35 inches. Read the instructions below for How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes using the command strips.

  • Mark the Area: Start by marking a spot where you will attach command strips for installing window blinds without drilling. Make sure you are marking the spots in a straight line.
  • Stick the Strips: Peel off the cover and stick the spits against the window frame where spots are marked. Hold them with little pressure to let the adhesive dry and stick firmly. It will enhance the durability.
  • Attack Brackets: After a few minutes, when you are sure that they are fully stuck. You can attach the brackets that must be compatible with your blinds.
  • Hang Blinds: Finally, hang your blinds using the bracket you attached with command strips. It will give your windows a flawless look without making any holes in the walls.

4. Tension Rods:

Install window blinds without drilling holes

You don’t have to drill with this type of rod. The tension rods are placed into your window frame to provide a seamless and modern window decor. They are affordable and long-lasting, making them a preferable option for those who don’t know How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling holes. Here is the step-by-step procedure to install tension rods and blinds without making any holes.

  • Measure the Frame Width: The first step to proceed with installing window blinds without drilling is to measure the window frame width. You need to buy two tension rods of equal length for your window frame.
  • Get the Perfect-Sized Tension Rod: You can get different sizes and thicknesses of tension rods in the market. Get the appropriate length of tension rods for your window frame. Ensure you buy a durable one that can handle the weight of your specified blinds.
  • Adjust the Tension Rod Within Window Frame: When you are done purchasing tension rods, adjust them within your window frame. You have to adjust the rod on top and bottom of the frame. These are the places where your window blinds will be attached without drilling.
  • Install Blinds Using Tension Rods: After fixing the rods, you can install blinds using tension rods and clips. Check the smooth operation to ensure the perfection.

Final Words

It’s not that hard to achieve flawless window decor without damaging the wall. Now, you know How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling holes. We hope this guide was quite helpful for you to hang blinds in your place with affordable and practical options.

A step-by-step procedure is explained for each method, which will help you follow when doing it in real-time. The rule that applies to all methods is to clean the surface before starting anything and pay attention to the measurements. Other than this, appropriate steps are mentioned for each method to install blinds without drilling.

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