Two Strand Twist Hairstyles For Women & Men

Two Strand Twist

The Two Strand Twist is a fantastic hairstyle that works well for both men and women with longer hair. I’ll walk you through making a simple double strand twist. My hair is always co-washed before I begin a new style.

In other words, I just wash my hair with conditioner. This assists in keeping the moisture within. Shampoo strips your hair of vital nutrients that are challenging to replace. My natural hair is evidence of what I put on and in my body. This implies a superb natural product selection, a terrific diet, and plenty of water. (Not the shade of hair.) Nothing about my color is realistic because I have a soft spot for light brown.)

Giving my hair extra time to air dry before styling results in much nicer-looking hair overall. If you have thick hair like mine, this will significantly improve the look of your final Two Strand Twist hairstyle. Additionally, think about styling and shampooing your hair throughout the day rather than at night. When you sleep on freshly twisted, moist hair, it is difficult to allow your hair to dry out as much as you would like in the twists.

How To Make Two Strand Twist Hair Style

These items, some of my favorites, will be utilized for this 2 strand twist hairstyle short hair too.


    • Curl Mousse
    • Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding
    • Raw Coconut Oil

STEPS To Make 2 Strand Twist For Women & Mens


An extra-fine comb


extra-fine comb

Divide your hair into four sections once it has somewhat dried. The way to achieve that is to create air in your hair. I favor a side part over the center. So, I typically bring an extra inch over once my session ends. When you take them out, it’s essential to separate your hair in the direction you want it to lay.


Coconut oil massage


2 strand twist hairstyle

Use coconut oil to massage your palms (or any other base moisturizer you use on your hair). After rubbing, use your hands to untangle the unruly hair slowly. You may also use your wide-tooth comb for light detangling at this stage, but if your hands function well, I suggest using them. When natural hair is not harshly pulled out or pushed on, it thrives when left alone.


Pick up your styling tools.


2 strand twist hairstyle short hair too

to make Two Strand Twist, separate a little bit of your hair into two. Pick up your styling tools with the size of your fingertip. It was mousse and curly pudding, in my case. Just run the tip of your finger through your hair, from root to end, before starting to twist.


Add a little extra coconut oil.


2 strand twist hairstyle

Always try to have more minor twists in your hair if you want to create a more defined curl pattern. Massive twists in thick hair will inevitably come undone, presenting you with a fro. To hydrate and seal the ends of my hair, I add a little extra coconut oil and styling cream as I reach them.


Moisturize and apply  products


double strand twist

Separate your hair once again, moisturize, apply your products, twist, and then reapply your products to lock each twist.

The previous steps should be repeated for each section. By the third part, you’ll probably be ready to give up and continue with only half of your brain. I can relate to how you feel. I then take a seat and relax.

I make an effort to factor in the time and money I will save by not having to go to the salon frequently. My theory is that after a few attempts, your hands get used to the technique and carry out the task automatically without your knowledge.

You’ve finished turning now. To ensure my Two Strand twists Women’s style are completely dry, I like to leave them in for the rest of the day and the following day. I typically wear a cap or a scarf over my neck.

The following day is straightforward. All that’s left to do is undo your twists and moisturize your hands with your favorite moisturizer.

If your roots are falling flat after you’ve taken out your twists, use your comb to tease them gently.

For me, this style requires only occasional substantial re-twisting and sweet wetness to maintain for about a week. My excessive hair-touching is prevented by it. And because I have one fewer task to complete, it eases my busy days.

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