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90s makeup covered all the bases, from grunge to glitter, but it was generally less innovative than the style of the 1980s. In the early to mid-90s, fashion favored grunge and natural looks, but trends turned brighter and more glittery as the decade drew to a close. The color schemes ranged from pastel blue shadow and frosted lips to burgundies and browns for the eyes and lips.

Jennifer Anniston, Brandy, and Jennifer Lopez were some of the most well-known fashion icons of the 90s if you’re looking for some inspiration.

90's makeup trends

90’s eye makeup and lips were typically the focal points of 90s makeup trends, whether opting for a subtle, barely there appearance or a more detailed grunge look.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner

90's eye makeup

In the  90s, the makeup looked frosted. Blue eyeshadow was widely used, and the shade frequently covered the brows. Other vibrant pastel colors like pink, violet, and green were variations of this style that were often accessorized with glitter in the late 90s. The grunge alternative was a smokey eye with thick, smudged 90’s eyeliner or brown tones with complementary eyeliner for a more natural appearance.



Lipstick in burgundy or brick-brown tints was another enduring 90s beauty trend. For bolder looks, bright red was the go-to color, while matte nude was preferred for more subtle looks. Without a thick line of lip liner, sometimes in a darker or contrasting color, no 1990s lip is complete. Later in the decade, glossy, frosted lips replaced the decade’s matte lip colors.

Foundation and Blush

90s makeup foundation

Many 1990s fashions relied heavily on a natural foundation to highlight the lips and eyes. A matte foundation with a generous amount of translucent power served as the standard base for most looks. Blush was typically applied lightly on the apple of the cheek in pink or warm tones rather than being the main focus of the face. Body glitter was additionally well-liked, especially among teenagers and young adults.

A haircut from the 1990s with a crop

90s makeup

Over the past year, many people have adopted the bob trend by shaving off years of arduous hair growth. Although there are many variations, the ’90s bob is modeled after Cameron Diaz’s appearance in There’s Something About Mary; it is low-maintenance, boyish, and jaw-skimming.

Antenna hair

popular 90s makeup looks

Bella Hadid is one of those pushing the ’90s revival, almost single-handedly bringing back the “antennae,” or two pieces of face-framing hair. Hadid sports hers with an updo slicked back, a popular style in the 1990s.

French manicure


Since reaching its zenith in the 90s makeup, when it was the must-have nail style, the popularity of the French manicure has had many ups and downs. It has reclaimed its once-forgotten reputation, and as a result, it is again popular. The appearance of a thin tip, as opposed to a thick one, is the most flattering. Try out the current trend of wearing it simply, or you can experiment with other colors and nail art. Unusual hair color

It’s okay for hair color to appear entirely natural. Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid’s favorite fashion trend, color blocking, has become standard. Meanwhile, Billie Eilish’s (RIP) acid-green roots inspired a new generation of fans to play around with their hair color.

Any Lip Glosses

Who even knew you existed in the 90s makeup if you didn’t carry around at least five different kinds of lip gloss in your purse? The juicy lips trend of the ’90s was popularised by female groups such as Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, and TLC before Beyonc√© went on to have a solo career. You could wear it whatever you wanted, as it came in various forms, such as glittery lip glosses, fragrant rollerballs, and incredibly pigmented (but quite sticky) lipsticks.

Bronze All-Over

90s makeup trends

The washed-out skin tone typical in the 1990s gave way to a trend toward glowing, sun-kissed skin, fake tans, and an endless summer. Highlighters and bronzer started appearing in makeup shops at the same time customers wanted their features to be subtly defined and to project an appearance of health and fitness.

Makeup that is Limited to One Color

90s makeup looks

Another classic style from the 90s makeup with just a single color. Colors like mahogany, purple, and burgundy were used on the lips, eyes, and even the hair to create a cohesive look throughout the entire face. Tatyana Ali wore a monochromatic mauve costume that was accessorized with a studded choker and bedazzled pigtails, and she looked just lovely.

Bright blush

90s makeup

You can achieve Reese Witherspoon’s just-ran-a-lap flush with minimal makeup and a healthy dose of blush applied to the center of your cheeks and pointing in the direction of your hairline. Choose a daring color like hot pink or vivid coral without hesitation! In any case, this is the 1990s. You’ll develop a dewy, rosy flush after using one of these Top 12 Cream Blushes.

Creating your looks

90s makeup looks

The most important rule to remember when creating a set look is, to begin with, the details. Every production will strive to achieve a distinctive 1990s aesthetic, which can change from scene to scene. Always read your details to ensure you’re acquiring the desired look, regardless of whether you are an expert in the 90s or have previously worked on that production.

Additionally, keep in mind that adding is more uncomplicated than removing. Start with a strong foundation if you’re unsure how far to take a look, and bring makeup to set to add finishing touches per the makeup department’s instructions.

Do not disregard your nails. In the same way, that modern makeup and clothing can look too modern for a historical aesthetic, so can contemporary nail styles. Carefully reading through job advertising and casting director messages will help you determine whether artificial nail requirements exist. If you are working on a period piece and need clarification on whether or not your fingernails will match the style, you should check with your casting director as soon as possible. Are you interested in learning more about popular 90s makeup looks? Visit our hair and makeup article category for instructions and suggestions on having a productive day on set.

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