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Ashley Piercing is a distinct type of lip piercing. The piercing place and design are as different as the term itself. The question of whether Ashley’s piercings are acceptable for them is one that many people are concerned about it.

If that identifies you, this post is for you! We’re here telling this piercing procedure, such as how it’s done, how to care for it, and any concerns.

You’ll find everything you need to know about Ashley’s piercings below, including the cost, procedure, pain level, and healing time.

What’s as Ashley’s piercing?

What is Ashley Piercing

The Ashley piercing is a straight lip piercing Ashley that passes through the centre of the lower lip and exits at the rear of the lip (into the mouth). Another term for it is “inverted vertical labret piercing.

How are Ashley’s piercings done?

A labret, a tiny stud frequently used for lip piercings, is used in most Ashley piercings. After placing a cannula needle through the centre of your lower lip, a trained piercer will place the jewellery.

The lip piercing ashley piercing is a vertically inverted piercing that enters through the front of the lip and leaves at the back of the mouth. Only the front section of the stud is visible with an Ashley piercing. In horizontal lip piercings, the jewellery is worn horizontally, with both ends exposed.

Getting a piercing in Ashley

If you’re considering getting an Ashley piercing, here are some preparation recommendations.

1. Do Ashley Piercings Hurt?

Ashley’s piercings hurt, but not severely. Their pain level is moderate on a scale of 1 to 10. First and foremost, everyone’s pain level varies; thus, getting an Ashley piercing may be more or less complicated for you.

2. How long does the Ashley piercing take to heal?

The Ashley piercing takes about 14 weeks to heal. This time range may vary depending on your body’s healing process and aftercare routine.

3. How much does an Ashley piercing cost?

Ashley piercings cost from $45 and $80, depending on the piercing business and the jewellery you choose. An Ashley piercing necessitates a reputable studio and high-quality jewellery, so budget accordingly.

4. How long does an Ashley piercing cause a swollen lip?

It’s normal to experience swelling on your lip for one to two weeks after getting an Ashley piercing. It’s your skin’s natural reaction to the new piercing.

Ashley Piercing


The following are some of the benefits of getting an Ashley piercing:

  1. Ashley’s piercings complement other facial piercings, such as snakebite and septum piercings.
  2. Because an Ashley piercing is visible on your face, it improves your overall attractiveness.
  3. Ashley’s piercings are distinctive; only confident people can pull off this appearance! When you wear this piercing, you exude self-assurance.
  4. Ashley’s piercings accentuate and make the lip more appealing.
  5. Ashley’s body piercings are less painful than rook and daith.


What makes an Ashley piercing miserable is this:

  1. If an Ashley piercing migrates, it may leave a permanent scar on the lip.
  2. An Ashley piercing might hurt your teeth and gums if not done correctly. You must choose a skilled piercer and carefully follow aftercare guidelines.
  3. If you want to get the benefits of your Ashley piercings, you must take good care of them.

The following are some common inquiries about maintaining your Ashley piercings and general lip piercing suggestions.

What’s the deal with the pus in my Ashley piercing?

If pus is leaking from your Ashley piercing, it could be infected. A fresh piercing is usually uncomfortable, red, and swollen. On the other hand, a piercing is very likely infected if it is pussing, bleeding, and making you feel feverish. Make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

Why is my lip piercing swelling?

Your lip piercing should sink into the pierced portion of your lip naturally. This procedure, known as “nesting,” protects your gums and teeth.

Keep an eye out for embedded lip piercings: Should you be concerned if most of the ashley piercing jewelry is sinking and unable to move freely within the piercing site? If this is the case, the piercing must be removed because it has become embedded.

Ashley piercing cleaning

To avoid an Ashley piercing from becoming infected and clean it carefully.

  1. Soak a cotton swab in a salt-and-water solution for a few seconds.
  2. Use the damp swab to gently clean the piercing site outside your mouth.
  3. Swish some saltwater in your mouth to clean the interior of the piercing.
  4. Repeat the previous procedures twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening.
  5. After each meal, rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash to remove any food residue.

Ashley’s piercings are causing problems.

Ashley piercings are prone to complications due to their sensitive location on the lip. The most common problems with Ashley’s piercings are given below.


Ashley piercings are especially susceptible to infection since they regularly come into contact with food particles and germs in the mouth. Infected Ashley’s piercings seem incredibly swollen, red, or black. Pus and bleeding are also ordinary.

How long will scars be visible?

When piercings are removed or migrate, they leave a scar.

Can I use a hoop to pierce my Ashley?

Labret studs are the most secure alternative for Ashley’s piercings. A curved barbell can also be used as an option.

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